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With financial surpluses, we often wonder what to do to multiply them in some way. If we want to do it, we have many ways to do it, from the low-risk ones to those that can make us lose our money. As we know, if we decide to invest in a safe way, our profits will not be too high. On the other hand, risky investments may bring us high profits. But the most important is the word “may”. It is not said that thanks to them we will significantly increase our property. What’s more, we can lose our money.

Is it worth investing in stocks? 

Is it worth investing in stocks? 

However, if we decide on a higher risk and higher profits, we usually buy shares for our money. They are issued by many companies, and the revenue generated from their sale is often spent on the development of the company. Trading in shares is very well organized, thanks to the operation of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, where shares can be bought or sold. Why is it considered that investing in stocks is very risky? For their prices are constantly changing. And share owners have little influence on whether the price of a given paper will go up or down. It depends mainly on the condition of a given enterprise, but also on macroeconomic data or data from the industry. Therefore, everyone who owns shares is not sure whether in a few minutes their price will not decrease, because it turns out that some factor affecting the valuation of the company has changed to a disadvantage and therefore some people will want to sell their shares. Of course, we can have the opposite situation and our shares may increase their value as a result of some factor and in this case we gain.

So you are probably wondering if it is worth investing in shares. And probably there is no unambiguous answer to this question. Especially that we can buy stocks in two ways. First of all, we can “play” on the Stock Exchange, constantly buying and selling shares. Secondly, we can treat the purchase of shares as a long-term investment. In this case, we buy the stock and “keep it” in our portfolio, no matter what happens to them. As statistics show, the second solution is more profitable (although not always). Therefore, experts recommend this way of multiplying their money, of course, if we decide on this risky solution. And of course we have to realize that we will never know if our choice was right and we will not lose our money. Therefore, not everyone decides to invest in this way.


Not everyone needs to know about investments. To properly multiply your savings, you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience. If we do not know what and how to invest our money, better entrust them to specialists. There is a high probability that they will know what to do to improve the state of our finances. If we want to multiply our savings with the help of specialists, it is best to put money into an investment fund. It is with their help that we can increase our financial resources. The specialists in the financial world employed in them know exactly what to do to ensure that fund customers are satisfied and that they make the most profits.

Investment funds are interesting because they take into account the propensity to risk people who pay their money to them. So they can put money into them, those who are willing to risk the hope that they have achieved a higher profit, as well as those who prefer stable, not very high profits, but they are sure that the money paid into the funds will certainly return to them. For we can never be sure exactly whether the fund we choose will bring us profit. There is always a risk that people responsible for managing our money will misinterpret the situation on the financial market and make the wrong choices, which may cause our money or part of us to get lost. This is the investment risk that we always face.

Below we present the division of investment funds, precisely because of the risk of losing our capital.

Below we present the division of investment funds, precisely because of the risk of losing our capital.

Equity funds – as their name suggests, they invest the money entrusted to them in shares. Therefore, they are at very high risk. For it is never quite clear what the actions of companies that the investment fund will have in its portfolio will behave. We often come across equity funds that invest a lot of money in the purchase of shares of companies from one sector of the economy, eg from the energy, information technology or modern technologies. It is commonly said that equity funds are for young people because they are a long-term investment. It is commonly said that in the long run, there is a higher probability that they will bring profit.

Hybrid Funds – funds of this type, invest in various types of securities. We include shares, bank deposits, bonds or currencies. As you can see, these are investment products with a different degree of risk. In this group, we can distinguish two types of funds:

– stable growth funds – invest primarily in shares and securities. However, investments in shares may not exceed 40% of assets that are in possession of funds. The remaining part of the money should be allocated for the purchase of more secure financial instruments.

– balanced funds – they invest in a similar way as stable growth funds, however the number of shares in the portfolio is slightly larger and ranges from 40 to 60%. You can achieve higher profits thanks to this, however there is also a greater risk of losing money.

It is said that the minimum time to invest in this type of funds is 5 years, so it is a medium-term investment.

Debt securities funds – these are funds that invest most of their funds in debt securities, which give you the opportunity to earn regular income. Their share in the investment portfolio should be at least 66%. The Treasury bonds, Treasury bills, bonds issued by private companies, bonds issued by local governments are the most frequently bought ones. They are considered safe and therefore can be a short-term investment.

Cash and money market funds – they owe their name to the instruments they invest in. They are usually bank deposits or instruments whose maturity does not exceed one year. We include debt instruments issued by the State Treasury, the National Bank of Poland or some international institutions to which Poland is a member. These funds are very safe, but they do not give us the opportunity to earn high profits.

We can also divide investment funds due to “openness” to their clients. Therefore, we distinguish here:

Open-end investment fund (FIO) – participation in such a fund can be bought by virtually everyone. We can buy any number of these units, at any time, and at any time we can sell these units.

Specialist open investment fund (SFIO) – it is similar to an open-end investment fund, however, in the fund’s statute there is a certain group of investors who can buy units, as well as conditions to be met in order to acquire them.

Closed-end investment fund (FIZ) – funds of this type issue investment certificates. They may be registered or bearer. Usually, the number of participants in such funds is limited. They can be like shares, in other words by subscription.

Let’s also see what the distribution of funds looks like due to the geographic location of investments:

National market fund – the dominant part of the assets of the funds is invested in securities of institutions established in Poland.

Foreign markets fund – the majority of assets is invested in securities of entities whose registered office is outside our country.

Fund without specific geographical specialization – such funds do not have specific geographic preferences when buying investment securities.

Based on the information provided earlier, we can conclude that there are a lot of different types of investment funds in our country. So if we have free financial resources that we would like to multiply, and we do not know how to do it, it may be worth trusting one of the investment funds and buying participation units. However, we must be aware that there is no guarantee that the funds invested will return to us, because each investment is more or less risky.

A Debt Consolidation Loan Can Be The Right Answer To Fix Your Debt


Recent dedication in our way of spending has led many bear bondage of debt. This is especially true with the facet as credit card, as we simply charge this site to be charged. To get out of this bondage, take the following lessons to acquire a debt consolidation loan.


What accounts for the rising cost of debt?

What accounts for the rising cost of debt?

Every day, we find new facts about spending just around the corner. A particular financial eat most of us is the credit card. Most of the time, buy things without even planning to. We either buy because we feel like or we buy out of intuition of belonging to the class of “never say never”. We simple ask sales person to “let himself down”. We fail to acknowledge that these two words are words that will haunt our entire economic future. Most young people today are more prone to online shopping. These are what we should avoid. When our debts plummet more than our income, the only last resort seems to be choosing debt consolidation loans. A sensible man in our present world should not even think of a phase of debt consolidation loan. Instead, we should revolutionize consolidating credit to take care of profitable investments. This can be the dome if we have willpower; That the power of optimistic philosophy or the belief that we can move mountains.


Debt consolidation loans are always way out

Debt consolidation loans are always way out

When there is no possibility that you can get out of debt, the only option is to take out a debt consolidation loan. This type of loan has been calculated with the intent of merging the debtor as a way to help him live debt free current debt. This became a good whim because every modern consumer is faced with a lot of necessities to trust. These necessities are easily supplied by various companies. The community has also made it possible for you to make the consumer ahead of paying. At times, it becomes difficult to document all these payments. When you fail to pay them, you are a fine or punished. Therefore, it becomes necessary to take out a debt consolidation loan to settle this debt at once.


Is a Debt Consolidation Loan the Best Way Out?

Is a Debt Consolidation Loan the Best Way Out?

I think this should serve the purpose of solving more debts. A debt consolidation loan is there to cope with your mind from the complexity of smaller and forgettable debt. Your mind is freer to manage your debt and concentrate on other important issues.


Your bet must count

Your bet must count

A consolidation of your debt from the loan should not help you without you helping yourself. It may be necessary to put an end to most of your sick spending habits before you can realize any change. You must accept changes. They are a must and you have no choice otherwise you can stay in debt.

If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to visit the link below for more information which we as an expert in this field could give you good advice.


Not everyone needs to know about investing. The more so because the finance is quite a complicated matter, which is characterized by a large variability for this, so you should always control what our invested funds look like. Although our savings can be paid to the bank for a deposit and not to worry about anything, we will not achieve such investments of great profits. Perhaps it is better to entrust our money to professionals who know how to multiply money? If we decide to do so, it is best to look for an Investment Fund Company and deposit money into it.

Investment Funds are financial “institutions” that invest in the funds that their clients have paid them. Specialists work in them, who theoretically should know what to do to make the money bring the greatest profit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, a little later. Anyone who wants to multiply their savings in investment funds must open his account in it. Usually this is done via the Internet. Once we have it behind us, we acquire participation units in a given fund and we wait with the hope that the value of the units will grow, thanks to which we will be able to sell them in the future with profit.

What funds are offered by TFI

What funds are offered by TFI


Each Investment Fund Company offers to its clients many types of funds or even sub-funds. They differ in the instruments in which they invest their clients’ funds, and this in turn affects the risk of losing the funds deposited.

Cash (cash) and bond funds are the safest for clients. They invest in vouchers, bonds or even deposits in banks. Because these are very safe instruments, the risk of losing money is virtually non-existent here. Unfortunately, we must be prepared that the profits generated will not be too high.

If we are willing to risk a bit more, we can deposit our money into a fund of sustainable or stable growth. In this kind of funds, the money is divided into two groups (depending on the Society in various proportions). The part is invested in safe instruments (bonds, treasury bills), and some in risky (eg shares). By donating our funds to such funds, we can “earn” much more, but there is also a better chance that we will lose some of our money.

If we like the risk, but in return, we want to achieve high profits, we should put our money into an equity fund, where most of the funds are invested in the stock market. As we know, the Warsaw Stock Exchange is a place where you can earn a lot of money in a quick way, but you can also lose all your property there. So if we deposit money into such a fund, we must be prepared that the units that we buy may lose their value.

How to choose the best fund

How to choose the best fund


The choice of the fund to which we pay the money should be determined by several factors. First of all, we must take into account our propensity to risk. If we have a gambler’s line, the choice of equity funds seems obvious. If we prefer to sleep peacefully – for example, a bond fund will be an ideal solution for us.

Another factor that influences the selection of the fund is our age. According to specialists, young people can afford more risky funds, because in the perspective of many years, the chances of getting a profit from such investments increase. Older people, on the other hand, should invest in safer instruments in order not to lose their funds.

It is also good to diversify your investments, which is best to divide our financial resources into several funds. Then the risk of losing them is significantly reduced, because if we lose our money in one fund, then another can bring us profits.

Investment costs in investment funds

Investment costs in investment funds

We need to be aware that investing in funds involves certain costs. First of all, TFI charges a management fee for the management of investment funds. Their amount depends on the degree of investment risk. In the case of safe funds, the commission usually does not exceed 1%. If, on the other hand, we decide on risky investments, we also have to reckon with commissions up to 4%. Some TFI also charge a fee for the purchase or sale of participation units, however, usually they are not large amounts.

Is it worth to multiply your money through investment funds? Everyone has to answer such a question himself. For sure if we have no idea how to multiply our money, it can be a good solution. However, we must realize that this is accompanied by a certain risk and costs, so we must analyze ourselves whether it is worth buying shares in some fund.